Re: Virii on lists

From: Kent Borg (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 14:01:19 EST

I always thought it was bad form to send any sort of
enclosure/attachment to a mailing list.

I guess in this MIME-era too many mail clients too easily send the
message itself as an attachment.

How much does this list need real attachments? Might the list server
strip out all attachments?--and if a message has only attachments,
maybe try to find the one that is the body, break out it, and re-send
it as a boring 822 body with none of the doo-dads likely to catch the
attention of Outlook and other clever mail clients.

If Outlook is too clever by half, sending only non-clever ASCII
content is tempting.

-kb, the Kent who has been lurking with mutt.
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