Re: ReiserFS / 2.4.6 / Data Corruption

From: David Weinehall (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 06:34:43 EST

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 02:34:38AM +0400, Hans Reiser wrote:

[snipping earlier discussion]

> I am saying that you can put so many internal checks into a filesytem
> that it is unusable for any real usage. Guess what? ReiserFS does
> that! But we surround the checks with a #define. The only limit we
> have on the checks, is that after the relevant bug disappears we cut
> out the ones that make things so slow that it noticeably
> inconveniences our debugging. It has to slow things down quite a lot
> that we can't stand to wait for it while debugging, but there are some
> kinds of checks that you can do that are that slow.
> ReiserFS checks more things than the rest of the kernel does. We can
> do this because we use the #define, and pay no price for it. You
> should do this also in your code....
> Every major kernel component should have a #define which if on checks
> every imaginable thing the developer can think of to check regardless
> of how slow it makes the code go to check it. Then, when users (or at
> least as usefully, developers adding a new feature) have bugs in that
> component, they can turn it on.

Ugh! I think you need to have a little chat with Linus about this
opinion of yours on how to use #ifdef / #endif in code... I'm not all
that sure he'll agree with you.

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