Re: tulip driver still broken

From: Joshua Schmidlkofer (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 17:57:19 EST

I am afraid of post these days. However, I must comment that I too am having
trouble with the tulip driver, on several SMC nic's that use the DEC
chipset. I tried mii_tool, with no success.

I have just been copying the tulip driver from 2.4.4 forward... because I
don't have enough time to try and create an intelligent error report.


On Monday 30 July 2001 04:19 pm, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:
> My genuine digital network interface card ceased to work with the tulip
> driver contained in kernel revisions >= 2.4.4 and the development driver
> from
> It seems that the driver incorrectly configures the card for full duplex
> mode and I could not figure out how to override this with the new
> MODULE_PARM macro.
> I am now using the stable driver 0.9.14 from which works
> fine.
> Further information available by request!
> Tom
> Quantum Mechanics is God's version of "Trust me."

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