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From: Per Jessen (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 14:59:55 EST

>On Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:19:17 -0400 (EDT), Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
>Torrey Hoffman writes:
>> I hate to jump in and extend this mostly off-topic thread, but I would be
>> a little annoyed if Outlook was banned from LKML. I've got two machines
>> on my desk here at work - one is Win2K, and is used almost exclusively for
>> Outlook and Word. It's very difficult to give those up when the rest of
>> the company uses them extensively. The automatic meeting scheduling and
>> other MS Exchange features of Outlook are not available in other clients,
>> and why should I switch when Outlook works fine?

Completely agree. I am in the exact same situation. I need/want to follow
Linux development, but my corporate desktop is MS, Outlook etc.
What's wrong with that ? (my development systems are not connected to
anything else but our internal network.)

>> Of course the other computer runs Linux, and is where all my real work
>> gets done. It's convenient to have both environments.
>This does not mean you have to use Outlook to _send_ mail to
>the linux-kernel mailing list. Do this:
>1. log into the Linux box you have
>2. run emacs
>3. Control-x m
>4. fill in the header fields and write your message
>5. Control-c Control-c

Bollocks. Look, the main target here is practicality, and what
you just demonstrated was plainly impractical.

>If you really must send mail directly from the Windows box,
>get emacs for Windows and skip step 1 above.

This is an awful lot of effort just to overcome some peoples
failure to avoid double-clicking on attachments in Outlook.

>BTW, if you can't log into anything that can open an SMTP connection
>to the outside world and don't have a relay, then most likely your
>employer doesn't want you sending stuff to linux-kernel anyway.

Disagree. See above and join life in the real world.

Per Jessen, Zurich.

Per Jessen

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