Announce: fs-salvage mailing list (correct version)

From: Milan WWW Pikula (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 14:49:06 EST

Hi all,

I am very sorry for my second posting, but I gave wrong subscription
information :((. This one is correct.

        I'd like to announce the mailing list, targeted on filesystem repair
and crash recovery. The mailing list is for discussion of the methods
for data rescuing, algorithms, hints, existing tools and utilities.

        You are invited to join, if you are:

        * interested in the methods of data rescuing
        * developer of some filesystem repair tools (fsck, ...)
        * the one who already lost the data and wants it back ;)
        * (developer of) or (expert on) a particular filesystem

        You can browse the archives of list at


        (though they are empty yet:) and you can subscribe by
sending a message containing

                subscribe fs-salvage

        in the body of message to address


                Milan Pikula

Milan Pikula, WWW. Finger me for Geek Code.,
.. dajte mi pevnu linku a pohnem zemegulou ..

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