Re: new scsi hardware detection in 2.4.7(pre)

From: Olaf Hering (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 08:31:17 EST

On Tue, Jul 24, Keith Owens wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:10:19 +0200,
> Olaf Hering <> wrote:
> >I get this on non-scsi systems with scsi compiled into the kernel:
> >
> >SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
> >request_module[scsi_hostadapter]: Root fs not mounted
> >request_module[scsi_hostadapter]: Root fs not mounted
> >request_module[scsi_hostadapter]: Root fs not mounted
> The SCSI midlayer is trying to load the SCSI host adapter, that is an
> unavoidable side effect of including SCSI support. Because no adapter
> is found, kmod tries to automatically load a module that can find a
> host adapter. The "Root fs not mounted" message occurs when you try to
> load any module before / is mounted.

Does that make any sense? I mean, there are some scsi drivers, none of
them found a valid device, why do we look for more drivers? It would
make sense if there are no low level device drivers in the kernel

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

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