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From: John Polyakov (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 21:55:41 EST

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 21:53:54 -0400
Josh Wyatt <> wrote:

JW> Hi All,

JW> I don't know how often you guys hear this, or even if it's appropriate
JW> for this list, but I just wanted to pass along a "thank you" in
JW> appreciation for the fine work you've all done to make Linux what it is.

I think they hear it very often, but any letter of that kind gives only good and positive
sense for really great developers, that creating Linux kernel every day.

JW> I've just joined the list a few days ago, and even though I feel as
JW> though I've always had a good understanding of kernel internals (as it
JW> pertains to an admin person, rather than a developer), I am very
JW> impressed with the knowledge transferred by you guys back and forth. I
JW> have monitored other open source projects casually in the past, but have
JW> never seen this level of enthusiasm and love for the art.

I joined this list about a month and large part of messages can't understand, but there talk
really clever developers and new knowledge flows in my brain with almost every new letter.
Looks only at discussion about ext3, much many interesting thinks one can get from this thread.

JW> As an individual that supports the movement professionally,
JW> philosophically, and personally, I applaud and appreciate the effort and
JW> the outcome.

Let us wish all Linux developers to continue this exellent work.

JW> Thanks and keep up the good work.

JW> Yours,
JW> Josh Wyatt
JW> Senior Unix Engineer,
JW> HCS Systems, Incorporated

WBR. //s0mbre
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