RE: Sparc-64 kernel build fails on version.h during 'make oldconf ig'

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 04:41:43 EST

Leif Sawyer writes:
> > |> -dep-files: scripts/mkdep archdep include/linux/version.h
> > |> +dep-files: include/linux/version.h scripts/mkdep archdep
> >
> > This will still fail with parallel builds. Better make the
> > dependency of archdep on version.h explicit.
> Hmm.. didn't think about SMP, as I'm only UP right now.
> The enclosed patch then should cover all the architectures
> for the stock 2.4.7 kernel.

Your patch points out that just making check_asm
depend on include/linux/version.h solves the problem
just fine too.

And this is the change I am making to my tree. I'd rather
keep the change localized to Sparc{,64} for 2.4.x


David S. Miller

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