RE: Sparc-64 kernel build fails on version.h during 'make oldconf ig'

From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 11:17:11 EST

Andreas Schwab <> responded to:
> Thorsten Kukuk <> who writes:
> |> No, I send you and on the sparclinux list already a patch for
> |> this 2 weeks ago. The problem is, that make dep will build at
> |> first sparc specific programs (archdep) which needs linux/version.h,
> |> but make dep does create linux/version.h only after building
> |> this tools. The following patch solved the problem for me:
> |>
> |> --- linux/Makefile
> |> +++ linux/Makefile 2001/05/21 12:57:07
> |> @@ -440,7 +440,7 @@
> |> sums:
> |> find . -type f -print | sort | xargs sum > .SUMS
> |>
> |> -dep-files: scripts/mkdep archdep include/linux/version.h
> |> +dep-files: include/linux/version.h scripts/mkdep archdep
> This will still fail with parallel builds. Better make the
> dependency of archdep on version.h explicit.

Hmm.. didn't think about SMP, as I'm only UP right now.

The enclosed patch then should cover all the architectures
for the stock 2.4.7 kernel.

I tried to find the cleanest place to put the dependancy,
which was usually on the archdep: target, but in the case
of sparc builds, it was on the check-asm: target.

In either case, i'm now building correctly for both i386 and sparc64
for make -j2 dep. I can also break out of the archdep tools build
and find version.h built, so unless anybody has any major gripes, this
patch should find it's way to the general release, yes?


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