Is /dev/epoll scheduled for official inclusion anytime soon?

From: David E. Weekly (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 14:41:15 EST

Hello all.

I've been playing around with Davide Libenzi's "/dev/epoll" patch and have
been very impressed by the performance figures (see his paper at for some
numbers) - it seems to exhibit really excellent scaling.

Given the sheer utility of using /dev/epoll in a largescale server, are
there any plans to roll it into the mainline kernel at any point? If not,
why / is there an equivalent scheduled for inclusion?

Clearly, IMHO, Linux needs something that can scale as well as BSD's kqueue
and Solaris's /dev/poll. /dev/epoll seems to be an excellent answer.

 David E. Weekly

PS: Cheers to Anton Altaparmikov's work on NTFS: In 2.4.7, we now have
rather robust read/write support of NT filesystems!

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