Re: DVD-RAM media detected with wrong number of blocks (2.4.7)

From: David Johnson (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 08:02:33 EST

On 7/24/01, Jens Axboe wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 23 2001, David Johnson wrote:
>> When attempting to create an ext2 partition on a dvd-ram (2.6G/5.2G)
>> media the number of blocks is detected wrong causing only half of the
>> disk to be usable. When creating the filesystem with mke2fs only
>> 609480 2K blocks are allowed instead of 1218960 2K blocks, and I end
>> up with a 1.2GB partition instead of 2.4GB one. The 1.2GB fs works
>> fine, it's just a bit small :(
>> This is with 2.4.7 using a Creative DVD-RAM drive (1216S) on an Adaptec
>> 2940UW.
>> The correct number of blocks is detected in 2.4.6
>Does this work?

Shifting another bit causes the size to get cut in half again, not
shifting at all appears to be the correct thing to do.

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