Re: nfs weirdness

From: Matt Bernstein (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 08:03:39 EST

At 20:54 +1000 Neil Brown wrote:

>knfsd exports filesystems, or parts there-of. It doesn't export
>'parts of the visible namespace'.
>If you ask to export "/windows" and nothing is mounted on "/windows",
>then you are asking to export part of the root filesystem starting at
>"/windows". If you subsequently mount something on /windows, then you
>haven't asked for that to be exported so it won't be, and mountd will
>get confused.
>You should always mount filesystems before trying to export them.

ISTR I had a setup where I had autofs mount some external drives and knfsd
export them, under Debian woody some months ago, and it all worked kind of
how I might expect (ie remote access could cause *my* volumes to be
mounted when I hadn't). Now I'm running RedHat and knfsd (or some init
script) mounts all my autofs volumes before exporting them.

I'm not grumbling 'cos everything's on journalling filesystems now :))


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