Re: Yet another linux filesytem: with version control

From: Padraig Brady (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 04:30:12 EST

Larry McVoy wrote:

> Useful stuff would be the copy on write file system, that's good for SCM
> and other things

Ooh ooh! are there any filesystems @ present that support copy on write?
Seems like a very useful feature that would be relatively easy to
implement (just
store a hash for each file in it's inode). With the ammount of duplicate
files on my
system (see it would be very useful.
write() already
supports ENOSPC because of holes in files etc. There would be large
though as the hash for a file would have to be generated on each write()
? For a
"revision control" filesystem it would probably be more appropriate to
work @ the
block level instead? Hmm snapFS be appropriate for this ?
Sorry just thinking out load..


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