Re: sound?!?!!?

From: Christian Bornträger (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 15:08:42 EST

> it is most likely a problem with me, but I have tried everything and I keep
> getting the error that device not found or busy. I get this rather I use

Possibly you already tried this, then ignore my ideas:

First idea:
It might be a stupid idea, as I don´t know your Toshiba but try to change the
PnP OS option in the BIOS. (from yes to no or from no to yes)
If you don´t have success set it back, of course.

Second idea:
Have you activated ISA PnP in the Kernel?
/proc/isapnp must exist and the sound module should be loaded after the
isaPnP support.
If /proc/isapnp exists, what is sndconfig doing?

Good Luck.
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