RE: sound?!?!!?

From: Dominick, David (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 14:50:19 EST

it is most likely a problem with me, but I have tried everything and I keep
getting the error that device not found or busy. I get this rather I use the
kernel modules for this card, or I try alsa's driver pack.
Is there some configuration step that you did when using the kernel module?
I had this working a long time ago under the 2.2.x kernel, so I know that
the sound card works, it also works on my W2k hard drive.

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Dominick, David wrote:

> I am having problems with the opl3sa2 driver for yamaha sound card on my
> toshiba running kernel 2.4.6
> HELP!!!

I am running kernel 2.4.6 on a toshiba satellite 225CDS and toshiba
tecra 8000 (both use OPL3sa2 driver), and sound is working well. What
exactly do you have problems with? Is this a redhat problem (a problem
with sndconfig)?
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