Re: Hi all, a strange full lock in SMP-kernel 2.4.6 and 2.4.5

From: Pete Toscano (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 15:34:00 EST

Just to follow up to myself, after futher testing, it looks like it's an
SMP-related problem. I'm not yet sure if it's an SMP-Via chipset
problem or just an SMP problem. I've heard from two people with this
same problem. I think one of them has a Via chipset and I'm not sure
about the other one.

Can anybody look into this or give me a good brain dump on how I can fix


On Fri, 06 Jul 2001, Pete Toscano wrote:

> I think I've seen this same problem, at least with regards to USB
> printing. Yesterday, I traced the problem down to a patch to usb-uhci.c
> in the transition from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4. The problem persists today. A
> work around for this problem is to use the alternate UHCI driver
> (uhci.o).
> What motherboard and chipset are you using. I use the Tyan Tiger 133
> motherboard with the VIA Apollo Pro 133a chipset. Someone else who I
> heard from uses another VIA-based chipset (I think, he never replied to
> my question). Maybe this is a VIA-related problem, like the APIC
> problem is. (Do you use "noapic" when you boot? He and I both have SMP
> systems too....)
> I posted something on the linux-usb list yesterday about this problem
> and with all the info I was able to track down, but I have yet to see
> any response. I've taken this as far as I can by myself. I don't know
> enough about kernel programming or about USB to check the code in
> usb-uhci.c, but I'm more than happy to help by providing information
> and/or testing potential patches/fixes.
> pete
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