Modem problem

From: Gerry Chu (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 15:26:38 EST

My modems (Courier 28.8 external, Actiontec PCI call waiting non-winmodem)
connect to the Internet fine with 2.4.0, and broke around 2.4.1. What
happens is they dial out, make those sounds, and just as they seem to be
about to connect, they disconnect. I'm pretty sure both kernels are
configured correctly. This still occurs with kernel 2.4.6.

On a seperate note (and I realize this is a lot more nebulous) my disk
begins to make a lot of noise at random times and doesn't stop for several
minutes. This sometimes happens when using apt-get, though I've seen it do
it at gdm login prompts. 128 megs ram, 130 meg swap. Any ideas...?

Thank you,

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