Re: PROBLEM: [2.4.6] kernel BUG at softirq.c:206!

From: Thibaut Laurent (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 05:52:43 EST


I posted a message 2 weeks ago regarding this bug, though I can't trigger the
kernel panic every time (see original post). My CPU is a MediaGX, and
Manfred's one is a 6x86MX. What about yours ?
After my first unsuccessful attempt with a 2.4.6-pre3, I tried several other
2.4.6-preX and 2.4.5-acX kernels. All 2.4.6 (since pre1) seem to be
affected, and so do the latest ac's. I don't have tested 2.4.7-pre[12] yet,
but looking at the changelog, I doubt the fix is in.

Original post for the behaviour on my box:
Note: the kernel panic mentioned in the original post is the same "kernel BUG
at softirq.c:206!" thing.



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