Re: >128 MB RAM stability problems (again)

From: Chris Bacott (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 15:57:43 EST

> So.... this leads to the conclusion that the memory is okay, and that
> something else must be the problem.... Could it still be a failing power
> supply or something? It seems both computers have a 230 W power supply.
> Might be a problem, I guess, I can buy a 400 W thingy if that makes
> sense.

Can't comment. Another post states that they are using a 400W with problems.

> Other solutions I heard:
> - antistatic wrist strap: already have one :-)
> - BIOS fiddling... What exactly should I look for? They are, as far as I
> can see, identical memory sticks, probably both from different
> suppliers, but besides that quite the same....
> - are there different brands of memory of different quality and might
> that be a possible cause of the problems? And if so - what are good
> memory brands and what are the bad ones?
> - I mixed different types of SDRAM... Could be it.... My mainboard
> manual is not really clear about this.... And I have no clue what brand
> of memory I bought... they are all 133 MHz SDRAM sticks, some 64 MB,
> some 128 MB.... MB manual says it can handle all 64/128 MB sticks...
> - <your solution here :-)>
Are you mixing connector types, ie gold/silver (I can't remember what they
are made of )? This _will_ give you problems, among which including
stability. You should _always_ match connectors with the mainboard. I
apologize if you already know this.

> Anyway, thanks for any advice until now and thanks for listening again,
> hope to hear more solutions.

See above, I'm just throwing out a potential solution.

Chris Bacott
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