Re: N_HCI for S390x missing in 2.4.5

From: Martin Schwidefsky (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 03:51:31 EST

>Looking at the patch for 2.4.5, I noticed that all architectures use
>N_HCI - except s390x which has N_BT.
>Why is this different? I propose to use N_HCI everywhere,

It should not be different for s390x. Probably a typo. I will fix it
and the patch will go out with the next update.

blue skies,

Linux/390 Design & Development, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
Schönaicherstr. 220, D-71032 Böblingen, Telefon: 49 - (0)7031 - 16-2247

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