Re: >128 MB RAM stability problems (again)

From: StarTux (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 02:22:06 EST


>I ran memtest tonight on all machines....
>It gave 0 errors on all of them.....
>So.... this leads to the conclusion that the memory is okay, and that
>something else must be the problem.... Could it still be a failing power
>supply or something? It seems both computers have a 230 W power supply.
>Might be a problem, I guess, I can buy a 400 W thingy if that makes
Happening with me and a 300watt supply...

I am beta testing the Dockingstation for Creatures, and I got some
extras for it. But on my SuSE box the thing freezes within minutes, if
use all the agents. Its a very proccessor and memory intensive app. And
I have 256MB ram.

Just watched it crash when I started mozilla....

Only just found out people are having issue with RAM and 2.4.5....? I am
running 2.4.4....

I do not think the program has a bug...But no-one else is even saying
anything which is very annoying.


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