Re: kernel still resides in the root

From: Mohammad A. Haque (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 06:49:26 EST

Blesson Paul wrote:
> I just completed the full compilation. But there is one still
> missing factor. I uncommented the INSTALL_PATH=/boot. But still the vmlinux
> still resides in the directory where i compiled the kernel. Why is it so. What
> to do if the kernel should be present in the boot directory.

You did run make install? Do you have a custom install script in

The vmlinux you see is the uncompressed kernel. If you compiled with
make bzImage, zImage, etc the resulting compressed kernel is at
arch/<your arch>/boot/. You then either run make install or
        cp ./ arch/<your arch>/boot/<kernel> /boot


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