Re: Intel SRCU3-1 RAID (I2O) and 2.4.5-ac18

Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 03:11:00 EST

> If you can repeat it in 2.4.5 let me know.

Yes, I can reproduce it in 2.4.5 with exactly the same behaviour and
messages. I made another experiment by installing RH7.1 directly
on the raid partition (it was not possible to install with my mobo
before because of a problem in the RH installer) and I couldn't
reproduce the problem in 2.4.2 supplied by RedHat.

> ALso set up the i2o cgi tools and see why
> the device wants to talk to you

Tried to setup the Intel tools just as I did it before and I get
only an "Error: could not open I2O system" in the browser under the
RH-supplied kernel. I will keep trying to resolve this problem.


Przemek Tomala

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