Re: Intel SRCU3-1 RAID (I2O) and 2.4.5-ac18

Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 09:11:54 EST

> modprobe i2o_config

> may be needed

Yes of course, why didn't I think about it...

Anyway, the cgi tool doesn't seem to identify any problems with
the controller before the freeze. Then it freezes together with
the copying process. And after reboot I see errors in the
controller's log - they are all exactly same:

Function: Media Unlock
Error Code: Access Violation
User Info: 00000000
Disk Serial No is not set, just no data in the table field
Timestamps are somewhat strange - three erroror logs one after
another then about 3-4 minutes delay and again three messages

The RAID volume sometimes enters a state after reboot where all
three disks are working and the cgi says the volume is

Przemek Tomala

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