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> Kurt Maxwell Weber <>:
> > I'm going to take a break from lurking to point out that I am not
> > dissatisfied with Windows. It has its uses, as do Linux (and NetBSD,
> > Solaris, and the other operating systems I have installed at home).
> Frankly,
> > I don't have a problem with Microsoft. If I don't like their
> product, I'm
> > free to choose not to use it.
> So as a user you are free to not use M$ products.
> What if you are IT. Then you do not have a choice.
> I have been working as a Computer Tech for approx 5 years.
> When I first started (before that period actually, I speak of my Jr high
> years)
> I liked MS, if only b/c it was better than the other Intel solutions
> (This is approx 1993 or 1994). When OS/2 came out, I thought it was
> a joke (My father had it on his computer, I couldn't even get the
> to run).
> When Win95 came out, I finally got to hate M$. Then I discovered Linux
> and now I have a great dislike for M$ and their products.
> I appreciate that as a user you may have a choice. As a tech or MIS/IT,
> I don't have
> a choice. As such I believe that I have been "damaged" by M$.

You do have a choice over what you use. In any real-world scenario, you
will have to support a lot of what you don't like--that's why it's called a
JOB. Either support what's out there, or go into business for yourself
where you can choose what you support or not support. I have been in IT for
15 years, and quite frankly, most computer users today who do not use a Wyse
or VT100 terminal, are too dumb to use anything advanced, so they use
something like Windows.

Why not just let someone come up with a window manager that looks & acts
like Windows 9x, perfect Wine, then put linux on their systems.

Instead of blaming someone, we need to fight Microslut at their own game and
not blame someone else, but come up with solutions that are better than what
they have out there. We know Linux is technically superior, but we need now
is something that is user-superior. Microsoft is already scared of Linux,
let's give them something to be really scared of.

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