Re: [Re: gcc: internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11]

From: H. Peter Anvin (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 19:21:32 EST

Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi Peter.
> >> Wasn't 2.2.12 the kernel that included the `lock halt` bug patch?
> > Perhaps, but is has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of
> > this discussion.
> The `lock halt` bug patch was specific to the Cyrix processors (not to
> be confused with the `lock registers` patch for the Intel processors,
> and I noted that the processor in question was a Cyrix one, hence the
> comment.

Oh. Sorry, I don't know about "lock halt" and its effects. However, if
it refers to the instruction sequence LOCK HLT I find it hard to believe
it would have the symptoms described.


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