Re: [PATCH 2.4.5-ac12] New Sony Vaio Motion Eye camera driver

Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 14:11:22 EST

Sorry for replying a couple of weeks late - I don't check linux-kernel
that often.

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Stelian Pop wrote:

> > I got just the YUV code from Gatos, and a few months ago it took less than
> > an hour to merge just that part (and most of that was compiling and
> > testing).
> Me too. After some days playing with it it seems that the Rage Mobility
> Card (from the Vaio Picturebook C1VE <- that's where we started the
> discussion):
> - has almost no acceleration in XFree, including the 4.1.0 release
> - has Xv YUV->RGB acceleration in Gatos (but that's all, no direct
> video input etc).

it has, but it is disabled as normally notebooks don't have video in.
Well, some do but this is a grey area. ATI says there supposed to be a
multimedia table that says if you have a decoder on board - but some
manufacturers don't include it. In this case the driver cannot know
whether the decoder is present and disables the interface to avoid

I imagine it is either using ZV port or VIP/MPP connector - I'll be happy
to help you to get it to work, provided you know the part that produces
video stream.

> > The rest of Gatos is obviously more experimental, but the YUV code looks
> > quite sane.
> Well, not quite... I've had several X lockups while using the YUV
> acceleration code. Let's say one lockup per half an hour.

That's not supposed to happen - let me know what causes it.. what you are
using, etc..

> Even the performances are controversial: with 320x240, I achieve
> great performance with xawtv/meye driver, I can even use the hardware
> scaling facilities (well, the xawtv sources need a little hacking for
> that), but in 640x480 the framerate achieved with Xv is below the
> one I get by converting YUV->RGB in software...

You have to be careful here - you can't write to the framebuffer without
waiting for engine to go idle. Otherwise it'll lockup.

> But the main question remains: does the MotionEye camera support
> overlay or not ? It could be that it is connected to the feature
> connector of the ATI board for doing direct video input/output
> (but no X driver recognizes this connector today). The motion jpeg
> chip this camera is based on definately has a video output.

I can help you get this to work.

> Or it could just be the application who gets YUV data from the chip
> then send it directly to the video board. Today this works, almost
> (because we need a patched X - read gatos - and a patched xawtv - in
> order to do scaling).

Try using xv_stream from ati_xv branch on gatos.

                           Vladimir Dergachev

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