Re: 2.2.x series and mm

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 11:52:01 EST

> > b) Make the processes smaller (eg switch to thttpd from
> > c) Speed up the I/O throughput relative to CPU speed
> > - eg the 2.2 IDE UDMA patches
> can you elaborate on the "c" point" perhaps I could try it together with
> 2.2.20pre6 until I can do a).
> about b) would it really help? AFACT the issue here is the buffers in
> memory gets filled and cause other stuff to get swapped out., and that
> would happen no matter what kind of web server I use..

It depends if it takes the working set down (you dont care about the total
amount of data but the amount regularly being used) - thttpd uses a _lot_
less memory for the webserver itself so can help

As to c) - 2.4.x and with patches 2.2.x will do UDMA66/UDMA100 I/O on modern
disks and that takes the CPU usage down (so you do more work while the
disk is copying stuff) and might well be getting data on/off disk ten times
as fast

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