Re: 2.2.x series and mm

From: Adam (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 11:39:27 EST

> 2.2.19+ do make slightly better decisions on the VM front, but at the end of
> the day swapping only works usefully when the working set still fits in
> RAM (ie all the stuff you keep needing).

> a) Add more RAM - that is the real optimal approach
> b) Make the processes smaller (eg switch to thttpd from
> c) Speed up the I/O throughput relative to CPU speed
> - eg the 2.2 IDE UDMA patches

can you elaborate on the "c" point" perhaps I could try it together with
2.2.20pre6 until I can do a).

about b) would it really help? AFACT the issue here is the buffers in
memory gets filled and cause other stuff to get swapped out., and that
would happen no matter what kind of web server I use..

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