Re: NETDEV WATCHDOG with 2.4.5

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 00:59:53 EST

Tim Timmerman wrote:
> >>>>> "kees" == kees <> writes:
> kees> Hi,
> kees> I tried 2.4.5 but after a couple of hours I lost all network
> kees> connectivety. The log shows:
> <snip>
> Can I just add a me too here ?
> System: Abit BP6, Dual Celeron, Ne2k-pci, usb ohci and
> scanner; 128 Mb Ram, Nvidia TNT2 graphics. Kernel 2.4.5

ne2k and, to a lesser extent, 3c59x do not work correctly on many
x86 SMP machines because of a problem with the APIC interrupt

Probable fixes include booting with the `noapic' option,
running -ac kernels or applying Maciej's APIC workaround
patch. There's a copy at
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