Re: NETDEV WATCHDOG with 2.4.5

From: Tim Timmerman (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 00:23:11 EST

>>>>> "kees" == kees <> writes:

kees> Hi,

kees> I tried 2.4.5 but after a couple of hours I lost all network
kees> connectivety. The log shows:
        Can I just add a me too here ?

        System: Abit BP6, Dual Celeron, Ne2k-pci, usb ohci and
        scanner; 128 Mb Ram, Nvidia TNT2 graphics. Kernel 2.4.5

        After scanning a couple of images (scanner is a Mustek 1200cu)
        using Xsane, the system simply hangs. All network connectivity
        dies, and the system basically stops responding. I can switch
        consoles, and maybe log in[1], but that's basically it.

        Debugging this is a bit beyond me, but it is fairly
        reproducible, so let me know what I need to do to provide
        useful information (The system is not critical, though I'd
        prefer not to break it)

        Sorry, no logs..

[1] /var/spool/mail is NFS mounted, so a check for mail times out.

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