[PATCH] SMSC SLC90E66: IRQ router support and PCI quirk

From: pazke@orbita1.ru
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 08:53:26 EST

Hi all,

SMSC SLC90E66 is southbridge chip, designed to be almost exact clone of
Intel PIIX4. So it needs same handling as an original chip.

Attached two patches against 2.4.5-ac17,
first adds IRQ router support (using functions for Intel PIIX4),
second adds quirk handling (ACPI/SMBus resources) same as for original PIIX4.

Both patches are untested, written according to SLC90E66 datasheet.

Best regards.

Andrey Panin            | Embedded systems software engineer
pazke@orbita1.ru        | PGP key: http://www.orbita1.ru/~pazke/AndreyPanin.asc

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