Re: Reg installing a patch on linux

Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 08:49:08 EST

> Hi,
> Please tell me how to install a patch on linux kernel. I have
> downloaded a patch "kernel-patch-2_2_13-kdb_0_6-2.deb". How to install
> this patch? I am using a 2.2.14-12 kernel. Can I install the above
> patch.
You seem to ask a lot of questions starting with 'Please tell me how',
and so far, all of these could have been answered by looking in the source
or searching with google.

Might I suggest a slight increase in your amount of trying to find things
out yourself before posting it to the list? There's archives of this list,
there's google, there's dejanews, all of which you don't seem to use.

Good luck,

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