Re: Loop encryption module locking bug (linux-2.4.5).

From: Andreas Dilger (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 13:19:16 EST

Ingo Rohloff writes:
> PS: Because I try to understand the inner workings of the loop
> device better, I have a question:
> In lo_send is a loop: "while (len>0)". How can I configure
> a loop device, so that this loop is executed more than once.
> It seems this is only possible if "bh->b_size" is greater
> than PAGE_CACHE_SIZE. Does this mean, you have to work on
> a filesystem which uses blocks of a size > PAGE_CACHE_SIZE,
> or is bh->b_size a fixed value (which is always less than

Currently, filesystems must have block size <= PAGE_CACHE_SIZE.
This may not be true in the future, so it is likely that the loop
code is "forward looking" to try to still work if the block size
can exceed the PAGE_CACHE_SIZE.

Cheers, Andreas

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