How to set hdparms for ide-scsi devices on devfs?

From: Eduard Hasenleithner (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 16:48:50 EST

Sorry, if this issue was already discussed in lkml. I didn't find
a reference to this at

My Problem:
I want to set the unmaskirq and dma -flag for my ide cd-recorder.
The Problem is, that devfs creates no ide device, but only
the /dev/scsi/../{cd,general} devices are created. And hdparm
don't accepts this devices for setting the ide-parameters.

My current workaround is to create a /dev/hd? device "by hand"
at system startup. This is not very beautiful. Furthermore, if
the device numbers in devfs are deactivated, this won't work

I can live with my current solution. But i would be very happy
if someone can present a clean solution.

I posted this message intentionally not on the devfs mailing list
as i think this problem is related to accessing the same device
through different /dev entries. Under devfs, the /dev/ide/...
device node gets allocated after the corresponding ide-xx.o has
been loaded. But this is not possible with ide-scsi claiming
the device :(

Thanks in advance

Eduard Hasenleithner
student of
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies
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