RE: PROBLEM- Segmentation fault occurs when dd'ing entire drive ( 9.x GB) to a vfat partition.

From: Nathan Black (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 16:33:46 EST

This is NOT a dd problem. I have been trying to write large files to a vfat
filesystem. This is definitely a bug with the kernel. I have had the seg
fault. Try running the program again, but look at your console. It think
that it will result in a kernel bug statement.I think that mine said it was
in File.c:89 .


P.S. I was trying to capture atm data on the partition. The code I am using
works great with an ext2fs partition, but the vfat dies at exactly the same

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Subject: PROBLEM- Segmentation fault occurs when dd'ing entire drive
(9.x GB) to a vfat partition.
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I am submitting this bug report. I've attached a file which I hope contains
all of the approppriate information.

Is it possible for someone to let me know if/when this problem is fixed ?


Tony Cappellini

Maxtor Corporation

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