Pb with 3c 575 Fast ethernet Pcmcia

From: Nicolas Viers - SCI Limoges (viers@unilim.fr)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 04:34:03 EST

I don't know how to make my 3c575Ct works with Mandrake 7.2
When i start linux the network seems to be ok (ifconfig)
But the pc doesn't speak with the network.
I have the erreor message:
interrupt posted but not delivered -- IRQ blocked by another device ?

I change the irq with no result.

I try to start linux with "noapic" and no result.
This ethernet card works with Windows 95 on the same pc.

Do you have an idea ?

Thaks a lot


Nicolas Viers | Service Commun Informatique
Mél: viers@unilim.fr | 123, avenue Albert Thomas
                             | 87060 Limoges cedex
Tel: 05-55-45-77-09 | Fax: 05-55-45-75-95
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