Keyboard simulation

From: Sébastien HINDERER (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 05:38:03 EST


I'm writting a driver so that my soft braille display can work with the
BRLTTY daemon.
My braille computer contains a braille display, and a braille keyboard
which I can use to enter characters that are transmitted to the computer.
When my driver gets "normla" chars, he writes them to /dev/console. So for
applications, it looks as if they came from the normal keyboard.
Now, I'd like to be able to change the current virtual console and to view
previously displayed screens (equivalent to shift+page up) just by pressing
keys on the braille keyboard.
So my question is: What should my driver do when it detects that the
"change tty" key or the "scroll key" was pressed on the braille keyboard?
Should the driver change the current tty itself (scroll the screen), or is
it possible to call the kernel exactly like the normal keyboard driver
would do (transmit keycodes), saying "alt + function key was pressed", or
"shift + page up/down was pressed".
Thank you very much for help. Sébastien.

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