Re: Power management on Sony C1Vx

From: Matthias Bruestle (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 14:13:08 EST


On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 01:48:26AM +0900, Junichi Morita wrote:
> I think ... This <Fn+Fxx> keys controled by SPIC(Sony Programmable I/O Control Device).
> Download a picturebook application from
> and make it.


> and check with this command...
> # capture -j
> then press <Fn+Fxx> keys. May be you can see the press event...
> Here is a event data...
> <Fn+ESC> : event 0x10 0x29 & event 0x10 0x28
> <Fn+F1> : event 0x11 ------ same -----
> <Fn+F2> : 0x12
> : : <F3> -> <F11> : 0x13 -> 0x1b

Works, but it seams a bit flakey. Sometimes I get 0xXX 0x29 and 0xXX 0x28
and sometimes only 0xXX 0x28. The "jog dial" is even more flakey. This
has the third variation of no events at all.

> > - standby makes the display black, but switches not the backlights off.
> > The only way to go back to normal is by switching to a text console
> > and then back to X.
> Recompile the your Kernel with "Enable console blanking using APM" option.
> then the backlights off.(only text console)
> I checked Kernel 2.2.17,2.2.18 & 2.4.2

The C1Vx does support as I have now heard in principle no APM, so I
would have to use ACPI. If I want to use ACPI I cannot compile in APM,
else it tries to use APM. A way to switch of the backlights, which
works very reliable, is shuting the notebook. :)

> My VAIO could(can) go into suspend mode....but never wakeup.
> as same as APM case.

I seams every C1Vx does other things.

> You can use the internal USB-Memory-Stick device with Kernel 2.2.18 and usb-storage module.

"modprobe usb-storage" does dectect the floppy, does detect the memory
stick (prorietary crap) and hangs then forever. (With 2.4.2 and 2.4.2-ac3)

> and the sound module is ymfpci.
> take care about ymfpci module... because, some time I get a NOISE!!!

I had this also, the I installed the ALSA driver and no problems again
with it.


endergone Zwiebeltuete

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