Re: Power management on Sony C1Vx

From: Junichi Morita (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 11:48:26 EST


I have a C1VJ.

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> Mahlzeit
> I have been told, that I might get help here. I have a Sony VAIO C1Vx.
> (In my case x=E.) My problem is the power management, i.e. standby and
> suspend. I was not able to get it working (properly). Is here someone
> who got it working or knows, that it will not work?
> My tries so far:
> 2.4.2 with APM:
> - Fn+Fxx does nothing.
I think ... This <Fn+Fxx> keys controled by SPIC(Sony Programmable I/O Control Device).
Download a picturebook application from
and make it.
and check with this command...
 # capture -j
then press <Fn+Fxx> keys. May be you can see the press event...
Here is a event data...
 <Fn+ESC> : event 0x10 0x29 & event 0x10 0x28
 <Fn+F1> : event 0x11 ------ same -----
 <Fn+F2> : 0x12
    : : <F3> -> <F11> : 0x13 -> 0x1b
 <Fn+F12> : 0x1c
 <Fn+"1"> : 0x21
 <Fn+"2"> : 0x22
 <Fn+"B"> : 0x35
 <Fn+"F"> : 0x33
 <Fn+"E"> : 0x32
 <Fn+"S"> : 0x34
 <Fn+"D"> : 0x31

> - standby makes the display black, but switches not the backlights off.
> The only way to go back to normal is by switching to a text console
> and then back to X.
Recompile the your Kernel with "Enable console blanking using APM" option.
then the backlights off.(only text console)
I checked Kernel 2.2.17,2.2.18 & 2.4.2

> - suspend is done properly, but to only way to get back to normal is
> by switching the computer off and then boot again.
> 2.2.16 with APM:
> - Same as above.
but. My case is .... Wake up the CPU-FAN & IDE-LED ???

> 2.4.2 with ACPI:
> - I have compiled 2.4.2 with ACPI and without APM. acpid is started.
> - Fn-Fxx does hang the display and probably computer until a few seconds
> after pressing a key or mouse button.
> - Don't know no other way of going into suspend or standby with ACPI.
> 2.4.2-ac3 with ACPI:
> - Same as above, but Fn-Fxx does nothing.
> So do I wasting here my time or is it possible to get standby/suspend
> working with the C1Vx? Has somebody got it working with APM or ACPI?
> Some pointers or even a detailed description?
My VAIO could(can) go into suspend mode....but never wakeup.
as same as APM case.

> Thanks all
> endergone Zwiebeltuete
> PS: I have installed Red Hat 7.0 (aka Little Red Ridinghood).
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> live free or die
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You can use the internal USB-Memory-Stick device with Kernel 2.2.18 and usb-storage module. and the sound module is ymfpci.
take care about ymfpci module... because, some time I get a NOISE!!!
in this case just shutdown(not reboot!).


Junichi Morita
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