Re: [PATCH] PCI-Devices and ServerWorks chipset

From: Martin Mares (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 03:34:01 EST


> 0x44 is the primary bus number of the host bridge, and 0x45 is the
> subordinate bus number for the bridge. Just like a PCI-PCI bridge, but
> different :) Since there are two CNB30 functions, each has unique values
> for this. The primary bus of the second bridge must be the subordinate bus
> of the first bridge + 1. PRIMARY(1) = SUBORDINATE(0) + 1;

Yes, this holds for the registers, but not for the actual bus numbers
in the dump sent by Adam -- it shows primary busses 00 and 02, registers
of function 0 say 00--00, of function 1 it's 01--06.

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