Re: dentry cache order 7 is broken

From: Mitchell Blank Jr (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 03:22:12 EST

David S. Miller wrote:
> - hash = hash ^ (hash >> D_HASHBITS) ^ (hash >> D_HASHBITS*2);
> + hash = hash ^ (hash >> D_HASHBITS) ^
> + (hash >> (D_HASHBITS+(D_HASHBITS/2)));

Two comments:
  1. The inode-cache has the exact same problem, but it'll require a lot
     of RAM to run into it. The buffer and page caches don't have the
     same problem.
  2. Given that D_HASHBITS is not a constant I wonder if there isn't
     a more efficient hash to be found. But I guess I'll leave that
     to the hashing experts.

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