Re: Disk is cheap?

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 07:55:18 EST


> > I built a embedded dvd/cdda/mp3 player based on linux, using a p200mmx
> > with 24mb with a bus of 75mhx, but it still takes about 20 seconds to boot,
> > I think that an embedded device (for home use) should boot in less than
> > 5 seconds, how could be possible with a slow p133? (I've also tried a p133
> > on 66mhz of bus and it takes almost 35 seconds to boot)
> Usually most of the startup time is spent by the BIOS doing
> extensive self-test stuff and for firing up services (http,
> inetd, sendmail, ...) that many embedded systems have little use
> for.

Actually, most of that time is spent running bash/sleep 1. Startup
scripts tend to be poorly designed.

> I have a 25MHz 386EX (~2.2 Bogomips) here that boots Linux out of ROM
> in roughly 30 seconds. Most of _that_ time however is spent decompressing
> the kernel.

You might want to set up XIP and run kernel directly off the ROM...


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