Re: NFS stop/start problems (related to datagram shutdown bug?)

From: Byron Stanoszek (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 09:33:22 EST

> There does seem to be a possible problem with sk_inuse not being
> updated atomically, so a race between an increment and a decrement
> could lose one of them.
> svc_sock_release seems to often be called with no more protection than
> the BKL, and it decrements sk_inuse.
> svc_sock_enqueue, on the other hand increments sk_inuse, and is
> protected by sv_lock, but not, I think, by the BKL, as it is called by
> a networking layer callback. So there might be a possibility for a
> race here.
> The attached patch might fix it, so if you are having reproducable
> problems, it might be worth applying this patch.
> NeilBrown

I applied the patch and the problem seems to have gone away, where it was
fairly reproducable beforehand. It waits a little longer (about 4 seconds)
during the NFS daemon shutdown before [ OK ] pops up, but it could be my
imagination because I was doing it on the 166 and I was used to the 866's.

But what matters is that I can stop and restart NFS just fine now whereas
before I couldn't. Thanks for the patch.


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