Oops on UHCI module unload (2.4.2-pre1)

From: John R Lenton (john@grulic.org.ar)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 03:40:40 EST

When trying to figure out how to get USB to work (it was the MPS
setting, more in other post) I got a repeatable Oops (is it an
oops? it doesn't say "Oops!" like I thought they do). That is,
I'd boot, modprobe uhci, plug something in, get lots of timeouts,
unplug the something, modprobe -r uhci. Oops.

Attached are two ksymoops outputs, for the two times I did this.
I stopped modprobe -r'ing after that, then fixed the problem wrt
timeouts, and am now unable to reproduce the bug (even going back
to MPS 1.4).

Let me know if there's anything else of use I can provide, and if
I got the ksymoops thing right :)

John Lenton (john@grulic.org.ar) -- Random fortune:
Amnesia used to be my favorite word, but then I forgot it.

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