A Question About kernel source code

From: Feng Chun (chfeng520@263.net)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 03:39:11 EST

Hello everyone:
        I have a question about the linux source code.

consider the function:get_vm_area( mm/vmalloc.c )
struct vm_struct * get_vm_area(unsigned long size)
         struct vm_struct **p,
        for (p = &vmlist; (tmp = *p) ; p = &tmp->next) {
        if (size + addr < (unsigned long) tmp->addr)
        addr = tmp->size + (unsigned long) tmp->addr;
        if (addr > VMALLOC_END-size) {
                return NULL;

notice that here p is defined as a pointer to a pointer, why not

struct vm_struct *p,
for (p=vmlist; (tmp=p); p=tmp->next) {

does it mean that the later is not efficient as the former?

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