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From: christophe barbe (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 07:38:37 EST

I've missed the thread "avoiding bad sleeps" last week. I've had a similar problem and I would like to discuss the solution I've used to avoid it.

I want to wake up a sleeping process from an IRQ handler. In the process, if I use a interruptible_sleep_on(), I need first to restore flags (otherwise the process will sleep forever).

// <<== here IRQ handler possibly call wake_up()

If I first enable interrupts and then call sleep_on, sometimes (often) the wake_up is called (due to a pending interrupt) when the wait_queue is empty.
I've written a modified version of interruptible_sleep_on which takes an additionnal argument : flags to be restored.

my_interruptible_sleep_on(&my_queue, flags);

It seems to be ok. I've no more bad sleeps or more exactly rarely and that why I submit this to you. Is my way to do it correct ?
I've joined at the end of this mail the modified function.

Christophe Barbé

long my_interruptible_sleep_on_timeout(struct wait_queue **p, long timeout, unsigned long oflags)
        unsigned long flags;
        struct wait_queue wait;

        current->state = TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE;

        wait.task = current;
        __add_wait_queue(p, &wait);

        timeout = schedule_timeout(timeout);

        __remove_wait_queue(p, &wait);

        return timeout;

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