RE: Need for more ISO8859 codepages?

From: Nerijus Baliunas (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 16:08:00 EST

> About 18 months ago I patched fs/nls/ to include support for the
> Celtic character set, ISO8859-14. I notice that there are still gaps
> in nls, specifically in ISO8859 codepages 10 to 13.
> The missing codepages are for Nordic/Icelandic (ISO8859-10), Thai
> (ISO8859-11), and Baltic Rim (ISO8859-13) languages. I'm still trying
> to determine the status of ISO8859-12 at the moment.
> Two questions, really. The general one is whether anyone would find
> these codepages useful. If they would, I'm willing to provide the
> patches in due course. More specifically, can anyone tell me why
> ISO8859-10 (Icelandic etc.) is mentioned in Documentation/
> whilst nls_iso8859-10.c is missing from the fs/nls directory?


ISO8859-13 is used in Latvia and Lithuania, so it would be useful.
I don't think ISO8859-12 is really used, it is reserved for
Devanagari (Indian), but I think they will use unicode eventually...
So it would be nice to add support for ISO8859-10 and ISO8859-13
at least.


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