Need for more ISO8859 codepages?

From: Rhys Jones (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 06:48:18 EST


Please forgive a semi-newbie post.

About 18 months ago I patched fs/nls/ to include support for the
Celtic character set, ISO8859-14. I notice that there are still gaps
in nls, specifically in ISO8859 codepages 10 to 13.

The missing codepages are for Nordic/Icelandic (ISO8859-10), Thai
(ISO8859-11), and Baltic Rim (ISO8859-13) languages. I'm still trying
to determine the status of ISO8859-12 at the moment.

Two questions, really. The general one is whether anyone would find
these codepages useful. If they would, I'm willing to provide the
patches in due course. More specifically, can anyone tell me why
ISO8859-10 (Icelandic etc.) is mentioned in Documentation/
whilst nls_iso8859-10.c is missing from the fs/nls directory?

Any and all feedback appreciated.

Rhys Jones, Swansea


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