Re: linux 2.2.19pre and thttpd (VM-global problem?)

From: Jure Pecar (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 20:04:09 EST

Hi again,

I can't manage to reproduce the problem on my home box, based on redhat7
... thttpd runs ok on 2.2.18 with raid patch, 2.2.18-cdhs
( and 2.2.19pre3aa4 ... I tought it might be some
compiler/glibc problem, but even if i get a kernel and a statically
compiled thttpd from the box that is making problems(rh6.0) and run it
here, it runs ok ...
What more can i try? I'd really like to find out what's going on ...

I checked those bits Alan Cox mentioned and cdhs patch puts them like
this (include/linux/fs.h btw):

#define BH_LowPrio 7 /* 1 if the buffer is lowprio */
#define BH_Wait_IO 8 /* 1 if we should throttle on this
buffer */

Andrea, in your pre3aa4 patch you put them vice versa:

#define BH_Wait_IO 7 /* 1 if we should throttle on this
buffer */
#define BH_LowPrio 8 /* 1 if the buffer is lowprio */

I dont think this really matters, but which way should be official? :)

and btw, happy new year to all of you.


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